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Friesenweg 2c Den Hamweg 3, haven 2740 22763 – Hamburg 3089 KK



Like the bartender mixing a cocktail our blending facility comes up with the perfect blend everytime. Fruits harvested over periods of several months inevitably vary in colour, flavour, sweetness and viscosity. Early season fruits are often under-ripe and bland but with the magic of the sun and our blending expertise we can enhance the organoleptic qualities so that each delivery has the perfect balance of a scrumptious ripe fruit.

Standardisation of single fruits is an art that we excel in. Pineapple for example is grown all over the globe with the main varieties being Cayenne, MD2, Queen and Perola. All have there own characteristics but we produce a consistent blend to your taste.

Simple blends are also a speciality with just two or three fruits combining to produce a refreshing juice where all flavours can be recognised. Finally multiblends combine several fruits with exotic rare tropical fruits often added to give that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

All of this is carried out at our facility in Rotterdam – The centre of ‘Mixology’.